Best Shoes For Flat Feet

Best Shoes For Flat Feet

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If you suffer from Flat Feet, your feet press flat against the ground. Flat feet can also be referred to as Fallen Arches because you have a low or noarch.

People with flat feet often find that their feet roll inwards (pronate) as they walk or stand. This is because your arches have dropped and your arches determine how you walk. This rolling inward is known as over-pronation and can lead to the formation of bunions.

Some of the main causes of flat feet are weak arches, strained muscles, arthritis, pregnancy, diabetes and genetic factors. Although flat feet is not always a painful condition, it is very important to wear comfortable shoes for flat feet. We’ll move on to what shoes are good for flat feet now.

What Sort Of Shoes Are Good For Flat Feet?

If you want to know what shoes to buy for flat feet, there are several factors which you need to consider. While the idea of “shoes for flat feet” may conjure up connotations of orthopaedic-looking shoes, fear not! Stylish shoes for flat feet exist and there are plenty of on-trend footwear options out there. So what shoes are good for flat feet? Flats, heels, trainers, loafers, ballet pumps. They can all be good shoes for flat feet if you know what you’re looking for.

What Features Should Flat Feet Shoe Have?

If you are looking for comfortable shoes for flat feet, it is essential that they have arch support. Given that your arches have fallen or are low to the ground, you need to wear flat feet shoes which are designed to cushion and support them. Anatomical arch support will counter over-pronation, which stabilises the foot and prevents the worsening of flat feet.

Women with flat feet tend to need a wide-fit shoe. Recommend looking for wide flat feet shoes where the toe-box is spacious in order to prevent cramping your toes.

When you are looking at what shoes to buy for flat feet, it is also important to consider toe and heel support. If you have flat feet, you are more likely to apply greater force on your toe and heel area, so make sure you look for shoe durability, support and cushioning in these areas too.

Although it might seem difficult to find fashionable shoes for flat feet which provide the comfort and support you need, there are plenty of stylish shoes for flat feet available.



Think you can’t wear heels if you have flat feet? Think again! Heels for flat feet exist and there are seriously comfy and stylish options available.

If you are looking for heels for flat feet, you need to look for heels that have arch support to protect and support the arched part of your foot, which may have fallen or collapsed.

All Sole Bliss heels for flat feet contain an ingenious anti-pronating arch support. This is a small memory foam pillow present in all closed-back heels which hold your foot in the correct position and prevents your foot from rolling inwards (pronating) as you walk.

The best flat foot shoes are made from durable leather, which is breathable, flexible and will stop your feet from sweating. Sole Bliss shoes all have leather uppers and are fully leather lined to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

The best flat foot shoes also feature a cushioned sole. Podiatrist-approved signature footbed is luxuriously cushioned and comprised of three layers of high-quality memory foam to protect your entire foot. The Base Layer provides shock absorption against hard surfaces, the Middle Layer contours to the shape of your flat feet, and the Top Layer provides ultra-soft cushioning for sensitive feet.

2. Kitten Heels For Flat Feet:

Prefer a lower heel? No problem! Discover a collection of Kitten Heels for flat feet. If you are looking for low heels, you need to ensure they have the same anatomical arch support which will protect your arch and prevent your foot from rolling inwards as you walk.

Your heels should have a supportive insole with soft cushioning and shock absorption, which counters the shock of walking on hard surfaces.

Again, it is very important to opt for heels that are crafted from soft leather which will protect your feet from sweat and also flex to accommodate your foot shape.

If you have wide feet and flat feet, you should opt for a wide-fitting heel with ample room in the toe-box to prevent toe crowding.

Can You Treat Flat Feet?

Flat feet generally do not need to be treated if they do not cause any pain or prevent you from carrying out activities such as exercise and sport. However, if your flat feet are painful, stiff or are causing problems with walking, you may need to treat your flat feet.

Your doctor can offer advice on what shoes are good for flat feet, as well as orthotics or insoles. There are foot stretches you can do to treat flat feet. You can also take painkillers. Surgery for flat feet is very rare but this is something you can speak to your doctor about.