How to Become a Good Runner

How to Become a Good Runner?

15/02/2022 Off By Alice Walton

Whether you are just started running or you are training to compete, your nutrition is a key component of your success. There is more to proper nutrition than simply restricting calories.

This guide will teach you how to eat to shed excess weight, but also to properly fuel your training and maximizing your recovery. Complete overview of running nutrition and how it affects running performance. Understand how much you really need, when to eat it to achieve your running goals.

Tailored to 3 different athletes: runners who run to lose weight, runners who want to improve their performance and competitive athletes. How to self-assess your starting point and go after your goals. Different example meal plans for runner trying to lose weight, get lean or improve their athletic potential. Understand how to eat enough to fuel your training and maximize recovery.

If you truly want to become a good runner, it is time to move away from solely focusing on training runs and instead incorporate strength training – whether at the gym or in your home using free weight workouts to boost your running performance as well as minimize the risk of injuries.

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