How to Dominate Your Favourite Sport

How to Dominate Your Favourite Sport?

14/02/2022 Off By Alice Walton

If you want to learn what weaknesses plague most grapplers, the ones that make them feel like they are getting manhandled, and not ‘not getting any better and how to turn those weaknesses into strengths, so that YOU can be the one dominating on the mats…

You probably know jiu jitsu is all about control. You might not know that without sufficient isometric strength, you won’t be able to control anyone. If you’re lacking isometric strength… People will pass your guard, You’ll lose your grips while trying to pass guard, You’ll have trouble getting and controlling dominant positions; and people will escape your attempted submissions.

Because of the motor patterns of the sport, most grapplers have weak glutes, backs, and hamstrings. And what most grapplers don’t know is that these muscles are absolutely vital for success in the sport… Weaknesses in these muscles limit your ability to do the three most important things in jiu jitsu.

Maintain and control dominant positions, and Submit your opponent. If you’re not doing those, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll get frustrated.

Learn the sport-specific strategies to increase your aerobic capacity, so you aren’t gassed after one rol. The most important physical attributes YOU NEED to keep up with bigger opponents. How to develop your anaerobic lactic threshold, and why it’s absolutely critical for your success to do so.

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