How to Get More Flexible, Agile and Dominant on the Ice

How to Get More Flexible, Agile and Dominant on the Ice?

14/02/2022 Off By Alice Walton

Maria Mountain is the Exercise Physiologist who specializes in off-ice training for hockey goalies. She has helped goalies make the leap from AA to AAA, the NCAA to the NHL and every step in between.

She’s the one goalie coaches turn to when their athletes know what to they are supposed to do on the ice, but they can’t physically execute. Maria is also known for providing easy to follow, affordable training programs that are guaranteed to help any goalie win more games with fewer injuries.

Off-ice training for goalies plays a vital role in their development as hockey players. Today’s training programs should not be based on how hard the program is, but what your objectives are and how you’re progressing.

General training will only get you so far, at some point an athlete is going to require specific physical preparation to get specific results out on the ice.

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