How to Play Like a Pro and Avoid Mistakes

How to Play Like a Pro and Avoid Mistakes?

15/02/2022 Off By Alice Walton

Learn How to Hit Your Forehand Like the Pros With The “Modern Forehand Domination”. Are you frustrated or disappointed with your current forehand? The Modern Forehand Domination E-book is the solution!

Here you will learn the foundation of the modern forehand – the core principles of every top pro forehand which are: Adaptable, Fluid & Explosive! Here show you how to prepare your body and racket like the pros! You’ll learn the proper ready position and unit turn to set the kinetic chain in motion (like lighting the sparks to a flame).

Here teach you all there is to know about the kinetic chain and utilizing torques and rotational momentum to coil and generate explosive power on your forehand!

Step-by-step breakdowns of the exact techniques of the forehand will help you drastically improve your forehand! E-book contains instruction all the way from the preparation of the stroke into the follow through! This means that you will have a crystal clear picture in your mind as to how to hit the modern forehand!

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