How To Take Care Of Your Wet Shoes

26/10/2021 Off By Admin

Level 1 – Shoes Just Soaked.

For shoes that are just wet but not dirty, this is the quickest solution. Ball up some old newspapers and put them inside your shoes. This will make sure that the paper absorbs the water inside and maintains the shape of the shoes as it dries. You may have to change the newspaper once in a while if it gets too wet. Finally, cover the shoes with newspaper to dry the outside part, too.

If caused by a flood, bacteria can still live in your shoes if don’t disinfect them. After your shoes dry up, you can dab some alcohol on your shoes. You can also put foot powder inside to fight off the odour.

2. Heater Vent Or Fan.

If you have time and needs to dry your shoes quickly, you can use a heater vent or a fan to dry up your shoes. You can opt to combine tip #1 and add newspaper inside to absorb moisture while placing it in front of an electric fan or heater vent.

Again, be sure to sanitize and deodorize if needed.



3. Limit Sun Exposure.

Most people just put their wet shoes under the sun – which is partly correct. Drying shoes this way is probably the best way as it can also remove the unwanted odour. But leaving your shoes to dry under the sun can leave your shoes to become dry and crispy afterwards. If you must, make sure to keep an eye out for this, if not stick to step 1 and 2.

Level 2 – Soaked And Splattered With Mud.

If your insoles or laces are just too smelly or dirty, try to clean them like you would with shoes. If it’s not effective, you can just buy a new one. Almost every shoe store has those in stock. New insoles would make your shoes free from any feet bacteria and new laces can make your shoes look brand new (especially if you cleaned the shoes well!). Weigh what you want to do.

Additional Tips:

Socks are important for many reasons. One, it can give comfort to the wearer. Two, it can protect your feet from bacterias, fungi, especially if your shoes got soaked in the flood. Just wash the socks properly and make sure your feet are cleaned thoroughly, too.



Yes, you heard it right. There is a spray that can make your shoes water-resistant by giving them a protective coating. There are several brands, such as CREP, that sell these sprays. Using this product, you’re free to run in the rain with fewer worries of dirt and the likes.