Ideas For Compact Shoe Storage

Ideas For Compact Shoe Storage

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Proper storage of things significantly extends their service life. Plus, when stored in a comfortable position, it’ll be much more enjoyable to pick up. If things are properly arranged on shelves or in bags, they will not lose their attractiveness. In some cases, you can even do without ironing. Keeping the house neat and tidy can save time. Now you will not waste a lot of time looking for the right product.

Shoe Storage Rules:

  • Suitable storage space.
  • Compliance with temperature and humidity conditions for storage.
  • Cleaning and special treatment of shoes before seasonal storage.

Ideas For Storing Shoes That Are Used Daily:

  • Wardrobe in the hallway.
  • The special pull-out shelf.
  • Hanger for shoes.
  • Compact stand.
  • Special shoe trunks under the bed.
  • Attached to the wall with special slats.
  • In plastic boxes.
  • A vintage sideboard.
  • Ladder shelves.
  • On special stands.

Ideas For Storing Shoes That Are Rarely Used (Seasonal Or Holiday)

  • Inside pouffes or furniture.
  • In cardboard boxes and boxes.
  • In baskets.
  • In decorative boxes.



The hardest part is finding a place to store your shoes. Many have come across a pile of, especially demi-season shoes. Sometimes you have to struggle with finding the right pair.

1) The easiest way to store shoes is to use boxes. Almost all quality shoes are sold in inboxes. They can then be used for storage as well. If there are a lot of boxes, you can cut windows in them so that you can see what kind of shoes are in them.

2) You can also use special organizers for storing products. For convenience, the pockets are made of transparent material. An organizer usually looks like a canvas with several compartments. The hinged organizer is more suitable for storing slippers, flip flops, slates and other types of similar shoes. Products are perfectly preserved in them since their material does not deform at all. You can make such an organizer yourself. It can be hung in the dressing room, on the balcony or just in the hallway.

3) High boots are the hardest to store. Very often they are deformed from improper storage. There are several ways to avoid deformation. Inside the boots, you can put crumpled paper, a plastic bottle, or purchase special layouts in the store. It is best to keep the boots in a box or just leave them standing somewhere in a secluded place. An organizer won’t work for them.

4) If you do not want to spoil the interior, then order a special shelf for storing shoes. A small open shelf or closed bedside table can perfectly fit into the interior. They have special stands on which the shoes are placed. Thanks to this storage, the shoes will not become dusty or deformed.



Shoe Placement Methods:

Storing your shoes in such rooms gives the feeling of a movie: many have seen the huge dressing rooms of glamorous ladies both in life and in cinema. Just imagine, a whole room for the needs of your shoes and clothes.

Option For Ordinary Mortals – Open Shelves Or Racks.

The optimal colour for such structures will be white with all the combined shades. A very sophisticated male option would be unpainted wood – such furniture will carry gloss and a sense of style. By the way, if the room allows, you can implement a whole system of built-in wardrobes, where you can store not only shoes and boots, but also much more. Do not think that it takes up a large space – with their help, anyone will find the answer to the question of how compactly you can arrange shoes in your hallway because a depth of 25 – 40 centimetres is quite enough. In addition, the shelves can be tilted – this will also increase the capacity.

Pull-Out Shelves Are A Great Option For Storing A Huge Amount Of Shoes.

Such shelves are very ergonomic: they take up little space and, at the same time, place a fairly large number of things. However, do not forget that shelves with a shoe collection need proper lighting: windows are quite rare in dressing rooms. The most optimal lighting option would be small lamps like LEDs.

The Storage Technique In Special Baskets Is Quite Unusual.

But it is worth noting that it is recommended to put there only what does not require special care for the shape. For example, the same slippers or flip-flops. There are many variations of baskets: wicker, plastic, unusual materials.

You can choose what fits perfectly into your furniture ensemble. My favourite option is the slim cabinet – its shelves open 180 degrees, this is just a miracle find for fashionistas and fashionistas.

In the case of boots, special hangers are perfect – they are with clips that are attached to the calf, so the original shape will not be affected in any way. Thus, you can find a place for any shoe, even if you are still a “Plyushkin”, the most important thing to be guided by in this matter is ingenuity.