Information and Training Tips for Cyclists

Information and Training Tips for Cyclists

14/02/2022 Off By Alice Walton

We can’t always ride outdoors, and as much as we may dislike riding our indoor trainer, it is necessary to do so when you can’t get out and ride. This eBook describes the reasons why you should consider training indoors, the types of indoor training and trainers available and provides a guide for developing indoor workouts. This eBook contains 50 indoor workouts covering leg speed, threshold, endurdance, anaerobic intervals and even strength and power.

Workouts cover the range from endurance, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, leg speed, strength, power and sprinting. It also covers gym workouts and other forms of compatible cross-training.

It’s for the majority of us who don’t have enough time to get into the cycling shape we wish to have. If you would like to become more fit with your limited time, or if you would like to discover how to create more time to ride, this eBook is for you.

Competitive Cyclist Annual Training Plan 365 day’s worth of training plans for the competitive cyclist. This plan hits all aspects of fitness including base conditioning, strength training, aerobic and anaerobic workouts, leg speed, power and recovery workouts.

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