Tennis Courses for Beginners

Tennis Courses for Beginners

15/02/2022 Off By Alice Walton

The following tennis instruction videos are divided into different online courses based on a certain topic or a tennis stroke. These online tennis lessons are a result of almost 20 years of experience working with beginners, kids as well as adults, intermediate players and players ranked on the ITF.

You know that the forehand should be a very versatile stroke that is mostly used as a weapon to dictate the points and yet you may struggle to hit it with effortless power and control. The reason for lack of power is almost always poor biomechanics of your body as you execute the stroke and various technical flaws.

Have you every wanted to transform your weak second serve into a strong, reliable shot that works well even under pressure? Having a weak and unreliable second serve immediately puts you on defense against your opponent and makes it very hard to hold your serve. The second serve is the most important stroke you need to master if you play tennis competitively.

The Two-Handed Backhand video course teaches you the fundamental stroke technique based on biomechanics and that allows you to learn: how to use body rotation for maximum power (which will relieve your arms of work and allow more precision), ideal grips for right and left hand that allow the most comfortable way of hitting the backhand, the correct ratio between weight transfer and body rotation (which allows you to stay balanced and hit accurate shots) etc.

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